Day 5- Update from Days 2 – 5

Day 5

      Scarce internet up here at camp, so probably only going to post every few days. Hopefully at least once a week. 🙂 

   Highlights the last few days: 

        Dinner of steak and corn on the cob, with chocolate pie for dessert, with the other staff, and then my boss and her husband opening their jacuzzi for us kitchen staff to enjoy. And we enjoyed it. 😀 – July 3rd.

        4th of July morning, we got to sleep in, then got ready for feeding lunch to a bunch of day campers who came up for a field trip, then feeding lunch to those day campers, giving us a nice lead-in for this week. In the afternoon after we were done with the kitchen, we went to clean up the Retreat House, (which is really really nice, and has 4 floors; basement, 1st and 2nd floors, and a smaller 3rd/attic floor), then we got to get ready to “down the hill” for the big 4th of July celebration down at the main campus. 🙂 

       4th of July late afternoon, met up with Cuz Rel, (pronounced are-ee-el 😉 ), walked around camp. Andrew enjoyed playing laser tag, and I enjoyed watching him. 🙂 we walked back to Rel, who was at the main office, and then we hung out the rest of the night. Andrew went on the Big Swing, we ate ribs for dinner, with potato salad and chicken. Oh yeah, and cake and punch for dessert/drink. Andrew and I went on the GoKarts, Andrew driving, me holding on for dear life. He wasn’t that bad, Dad, you’re going to have an easy time teaching him to drive. Just maybe coach him on not going faster around curves. 😉  

       4th of July evening, we watched Rel’s highest boss, the executive director, get dunked oh, about 10-15 times. Some of those kids had really really good arms. Even his mother-in-law participated. 🙂 Rel had to go take care of something camp related real quick, so Andrew and I played tether ball. Surprisingly, that was some good exercise. Then we went back to Rel’s house and played with George. Man I missed that kitty, and it was only 2 days since we had seen him. We stayed in until it was time for the fireworks. 

       4th of July night. We found a spot up on the hill at the main camp, where there was a big open space, at one end of the field the fireworks were set up, and at the other end was us, the audience. Music played, fireworks went off in a spectacular fashion, I felt proud to be an American. 

        5th of July, Rel, Andrew and I went to Walmart and bought time devices. Came home, watched the Lego Movie, ate lunch, went to go see X-Men in theatres with Cuz Katheryn. Came back, ate pizza, and watched the A-Team. 🙂 

        6th of July, this morning, we three went to church and enjoyed ourselves. Bit of discomfort, it being a new church and all, but still picked some good things out of it. 🙂 

                    Signing off, See ya later, Sayonara! 



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