When Life gives you Lemons…

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you throw ‘em back.
Other times you hold on to them for dear life, and stain your clothes.
Or you squeeze them and make lemonade.

You ask for some sugar.

You go around to other people and give them free fresh lemonade.

You help those around you who are standing there with their lemons wondering what to do.

You become friends with the person you helped.

The two of you start helping other people.

And then all four of you help others.

Soon everyone is giving advice to others and helping them with their problems.

Soon nobody has lemons for long because they have friends helping them make lemonade.

Soon you live in a country where everyone is sick and tired of lemonade.

So Life starts throwing grapes.

~Ellie T.

Circa 2013


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