Why Sending Thank You Notes is Important

After I graduated from high school, my dad’s mother, Grandma L, informed me that my graduation present was in the process of being made, and that it would contain memories and info of our family.

It took a few years, full of twists and turns, but eventually, soon after my recent birthday, it was finished and mailed to me. Gr>L2

One of the most exciting presents I’ve opened. This album contained precious glances into my grandma’s history, my family’s ancestry, and a grandma’s love for her kids and grandkids. Pictures were shared from my dad’s early years, my grandma’s parents and grandparents, my parents as a young couple, and pictures of me through the years.


Doesn’t my daddy look cute as a baby?

One of the last pages had a few memories of letters and drawings I sent my Grandma, and I could see how much she treasured the efforts I made to reach out to her.


I felt like all those times Mom kept on me to send thank you notes, and drawings to my grandparents and aunts and uncles paid off, and I understand now why she has us do those things.

I feel embarrassed every time I remember groaning over the “chore” of writing thank you notes for gifts given by family members.

Keeping in touch with your family, specially with grandparents and those who live farther away, is so important, especially with thank you notes for when you receive gifts from them. You might never know for sure how much your grandparents treasure them (and you!), but it shows them how much you appreciate and love them, and there’s nothing wrong with that! 🙂 ❤

How often do you reach out to your grandparents/family members? What do you do to show them you love and appreciate them? 


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