A Fork in the Road

It’s been probably a few months since I’ve posted, and I apologize. There were/are some things going on, and I wanted to wait until decisions had been made before saying anything.

About 8 months ago, one of my cousins and I had a good talk about growing up, goals in life, and where my spiritual life was at. It was a good talk, and at the time, I didn’t know much about what I would be doing after June, when I graduated from Clark with my Associates Degree. The summer and life after held endless possibilities.

Well anyway, she suggested that I apply to work in the kitchen at her camp, since they needed more help, and I didn’t have a clue what I would be doing. I took her advice, and applied. I started the first week of July, and enjoyed almost every minute working at the camp. For the first four weeks, I was stationed up at Buck Creek, a lovely spot up near Crystal Mt Ski Lodge. It was beautiful up there, and I did some growing in both spirit and life. About this time, near the end of July, I learned that there was the possibility of me staying on and having a year round job at Berachah. I decided to wait until I worked down at the main camp before talking about staying on. I knew that working in the food services was the only job I’ve had where even on the bad days, I still enjoy coming back the next day. This time was exciting as I had never considered camp ministry as a year round job occupation.

After working half a week at main camp, praying about it, and talking it over with certain family members and friends, I decided to go for it-and I got the job! I was so excited. New things were happening, and it was looking great. I moved away from home, away from close friends and family, for the first time. And it is hard. It is very hard to move away on your own, away from a place where you’ve lived for almost half your life, to a place where you only have 2 or 3 friends.

It helped that my cousin Rel was also working at the same camp, and we’ve become very close over the last 3-4 months. She’s been my immediate go-to for advice, as well as my hang-out gal. I’m so glad God blessed me with my first away-from-home job to be at the same place as my cousin. Anyways, she’s been a good mentor, and a great advice giver.

After I arrived back “for good”, fully moved in, I knew that my first month here would just be volunteer work to pay for housing. Here’s how this works; Because I’m part time and living on site, a.k.a they are providing housing, I volunteer for the cost of room and board, about 16 hours a week. Anything I do after 16 hours I get paid. Because my boss had already scheduled September before she took me on, she could only make sure I got enough hours to pay for housing. I inferred that meant I would be getting more hours, and therefore get paid, starting in October. Well, that hasn’t been true, mainly because we haven’t had enough groups for provide more hours to be paid for. But it’s okay, things are picking up here and I do have enough money put away to provide me with 4 more months of living without income. I’m doing just fine. A little rocky, but just fine.

Now to the harder part. I have learned more things about the leadership here and the administration, as well as the financial situation and history of the camp. Things aren’t looking good. The people in charge of the camp are not good at finances or learning from their mistakes, and sooner or later this camp, I believe, will go under. Unfortunately, those up at the top are unwilling to share things with the staff, so many of us are in the dark about things here. Now, don’t get me wrong, many of the staff here, including those in leadership, are nice, lovable people, and I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, that they’re all villianous types. Many of them are also pretty strong Christians. Right now their only flaws are not relying on God, and not learning from their mistakes.

And now here’s what I’ve been building up to. I’ve decided that pretty soon it will be time to move on. I don’t know if the camp will last a year, five years, or only a few months. I just know that it’s time to start thinking about moving on. I’ve struggled with feeling like a failure, since the first job I took as turned out not that great, but I know that something not turning out well does not make one a failure. Rejection is not failure, it’s redirection. As for the redirection, here’s what I’ve come up with.

I’m pretty sure I want to keep working in camp food service. I think that it would be a good idea for me to take part in an internship at a camp. Most good internships will have you work/train in different areas of the camp, learn what fits you best. Some of the internships are paid, but most are unpaid, and you’d have to raise support or pay to attend. I plan to stay here hopefully till May. Then I plan on getting another job until going in for an internship. Things may change, but that’s my skeleton plan. Whether or not that’s what happens is all in God’s hands.

I’m looking into a couple different internships, one located at Crista Camps, in Washington, one in Wisconsin, and one in Texas. I’m also looking into a job down in Catalina, California, in the food service at a Christian Camp down there. Right now there’s no hurry, and I am enjoying those I work with and the work I do. I’ve already talked about it with my parents, and they, thankfully, are very supportive and helpfully encouraging. ūüôā I am so thankful for my parents, who have raised me in a household of God, and are willing to let me find who I am as an adult and as a Christian.

I would appreciate prayer that I am following God’s will, and that He would show me where and when to go. Also, prayer for God’s direction for my coworkers would be greatly appreciated as well. Many of those I talk with are starting to assess their positions and what their future holds.

I know that this is a long post, but it’s an important one. Thank you so much for reading, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! ūüôā



IMG_20141023_172608 20141019_145153 20141019_143335 20141019_143520 20141019_125611From beginning to end, Me, My mother and youngest sibling reading at the library, shots of my sisters at the library, and a pic of my youngest sis during lunch with my parents, sisters, and cousin. ūüôā


His Grace Sustains Me

Hi Everybody! Long time no read.

First off, my life has been busy busy busy. Last week, my family moved from a 2 story, 4 bedroom 2 bath house, to a 5th wheel. A trailer, that comfortably fits mm, maybe 5. There’s 8 of us. Really squished, but we only had all 8 of us for 2 nights. Not that bad. Plus, now the boys have an outside tent, so there’s less of us in the trailer. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Last Saturday, I came home from Buck Creek really late, and went straight to bed on my comfortable mattress. I didn’t get up early enough to say goodbye to my brothers, but they went off on their adventures at Boy Scout Camp, I believe it was Merryweather. Or Merriweather. Either way. Sunday morning was church, then afterwards a meeting for those helping with¬†VBS. I had offered my services to the¬†music department pretty late, so after the main meeting, Karina, our wonderfully awesome¬†leader, stayed behind to show me the motions she and her team had put together for the songs.

Then came lunch break. I had planned to stay and decorate, but was¬†NOT looking forward to doing it¬†by myself.¬†Here is where the first¬†GGM (God’s Grace Moment) came in. He provided help through my awesome friends, Rachel, and then later, Roshell. Rachel and I went to Safeway for lunch, and then came back to decorate, while Roshell got there just minutes after. We strung up¬† lots and lots of caution tape, hung up a string of flags of different countries, and then utilized¬†the kids hanging around (our pastor’s precious and helpful kids) to be our models for¬†“chalk”¬†(tape) outlines. We posed them in interesting poses on the¬†floor in our hallway and¬†foyer. The kids had a blast, and were¬†really good models. After we were done with all this,¬†people started trickling in for evening service.¬†I attended that, and then went home and relaxed.

The next day was VBS. Because we didn’t have¬†as many¬†volunteers this year, I was asked if I could be a team leader as well. I was assigned the 7-9 year olds, our country was India. ūüôā I love those kids. I had¬†on average 9 kids each day. The regulars were Layla, her younger brother Breck, Jonathan, Hannah, Rhea, Colby, Naveah, Jayson, Carlie, and Payton. They all did pretty well the first day, those of them that were there, and I, while tired out that day, enjoyed having them in my group. The next day, Tuesday, has my 2nd GGM. We had some extra volunteers, so my friend Dan ended up helping me with my group. We went through our rotations just fine, and then we got to teaching time. Now, the weather outside was cloudy, and then during teaching time, it started to thunder. No rain, no lightning (as far as I know), just LOUD thunder. I thought it was so awe-some, but apparently one of my kids was severely afraid of thunder. But, because I had a helper, Dan was able to comfort and take care of the poor guy, and managed to keep him calm, while I could focus on the other kids. Or rather, on the girl that was claiming that she was feeling like she was going to throw up. I am so thankful for God’s timing. And thankfully, the girl never threw up.

The rest of the week turned out really well for VBS. On the other hand, in the afternoons was packing time! I managed to get my belongings down to a certain size, and then packed in our personal big totes. We were pretty on schedule until Wednesday, and somethings came up and put way behind schedule. That night was youth group, and so then I asked for help the next day packing and cleaning our general areas. Here’s the 3rd GGM. He provided a few of the youth/young people that were able to come and help pack and clean. We worked in the afternoon till dinner time, and got a lot done. Enough so as to cause my Mom to believe we were back on track. Friday morning was the last day of VBS, and went really well. Well, except for the run-through of the VBS program for later that day. We weren’t able to have the kids practice the whole thing before they had to leave, so we sent them on their way and prayed for the best. Mom ended up having to take my sister Anna and I to her doctor appointment in Salmon Creek, and so Anna and I ended up buying lunch at Albertsons and then eating it in a park like area while waiting for¬†Mom. Next stop- Macy’s at the Vancouver Mall. Another instance of God’s excellent timing; I was able to procure a skirt that was good quality and out of my price range, because it was on a 1-Day Only¬†sale, something I didn’t know about before arriving. God’s timing left me in awe and wonder, and very grateful. We got home only¬†to find that we were behind schedule again-but this time, more drastically than before, as we had to be out of the house by 9pm that night! We started rushing around like organized chickens with their heads cut off, rushing to pack and move. Mom saw that we needed help, and had me call one of¬†our deacons, who got right on it and started making the calls. We then saw the arrival of the amount of help we needed, and, by the grace of God (GGM #4), were out of the house about 10-20 minutes before the deadline.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The program for the VBS Parents night went swimmingly. Our prayers were answered, the kids did great, the parents enjoyed it immensely. (GGM #5)

Saturday was the day of moving in and unpacking slightly in the trailer. And I had a wedding to go to. ūüôā My wonderful friends Jessica and Matt got married in a beautiful ceremony in an air-conditioned church, and I had a good time. I got to basically follow my friend Rachel around, and met her brother Josh’s wife, Debbie, (a wonderful gal), and some family friends. Came back to the trailer, and helped Mom with stuff until dinner at the Hansons, our hosts, which was definitely filled with laughter!

Sunday was back to work, this time at the main campus of Camp Berachah. I’ve been fully integrated into work and play, with help from friends at Buck Creek who are now also working at Berachah. Andrew also has been able to go back into the swing of things. A quick GGM #6, I had been “running myself ragged” the week before, and was given two days off Tue and Wed, and was able to relax and basically, become a full fledged introvert to gather my energy back. I ended up going to a rodeo Wednesday afternoon and evening, and had a blast hanging out with my friends Rachel and Ruth and Marjorie and her boyfriend Dale.



Now, for the moment you all might have been waiting for.



I have felt, over the summer, that God wants me to work at a camp. Working at camp has so far been the only job where even on my “bad” days, I still want to come in and work the next day. Recognizing that working at camp can be a full time, year round job has lifted a before-unknown burden off my shoulders. Camp Berachah has a daycare like program called Berachah Club that they run during the school year. They have holidays off, as well as Spring breaks and such. Basically, we follow the school system. I have applied for one of their job openings, and am now praying that if this is were God want’s me to work, whether in Berachah Club, or possibly in the kitchen, that He would swing open wide the doors leading up to it. And if not, that He would soundly slam the door in my face. A little drastic, but I need definite answers. I know that if He wants me working there, there’s no one who can stop it, in the same way, if He doesn’t want me working there, there’s no one and nothing that can stop that either.¬†I have been praying almost non stop about this opportunity, and I would appreciate if if y’all could pray with me.

Long post, but there was so much that God’s been doing in my life, and I didn’t want to forget any of it! ūüôā

Love y’all, and thank you so much for reading and for caring.

Ellie ‚̧


What the music team normally looked like. ūüôā Photo courtesy of Summer Steenbarger
The last day of VBS was crazy day. Of course, the music team had to get in on the craziness! ūüôā Photo courtesy of Summer Steenbarger
An example of our “chalk” outlines. Photo courtesy of Summer Steenbarger

Continued Update till July 18th.

Hello everybody! ūüôā Nice to talk to you all again.

First things first, the Internet was down for the good first part of this week, and then we were really busy, so this is the first time since the Internet being back up that I’ve had time to sit down and type this.


This week was REALLY busy. First week of Camp Leo, which was about 60 kids and 40 staff members, plus about 10 of us Buck Creek staff. Camp Leo, for those of you don’t know, which I would assume would be a lot of you, is a camp for diabetic kids, to try and give them the experience being away from home at a summer camp, and yet helping them stay on track with their diabetes, and also, for the younger kids, teach¬†them how to learn to portion their meals, making sure they match the amount of insulin with the amount of carbs they will eat for lunch. They bring in their own counselors, a HUGE medical staff, about 5 campers per nurse/doctor, and some recreational staff. We, Camp Berachah, provide some rec staff, and kitchen and housing.¬†All staff are¬†volunteers, and most¬†are diabetic.¬†While¬†Camp Leo is not a Christian camp, there are some Christians¬†in the staff, and¬†one of them was the kitchen helper that¬†Camp Leo provided for us. Her camp name is Chopper, which ties in to¬†her job, which is mainly chopping up anything that we need¬†chopped, like fruit or¬†veggies,¬†to help¬†provide more time for meal prep for the rest of us. Most, if not all, of the¬†CL staff are very willing to help if you¬†ask nicely.

Because of the amount of dishes from CL, the amount of time in the kitchen¬†increases, and the breaks between shifts are shorter. We started our shifts of days off, and mine was actually today, hence the time to¬†type this all out. ūüėČ There wasn’t much time for activities during¬†free time, and most of my¬†free time involved naps or¬†laundry. I did get to meet more of the CL¬†staff, including a couple of counselors, Elmo and Baloo (from the¬†Jungle Book). Elmo apparently can perform the annoying red puppet’s laugh, but thankfully¬†he’s never done in my hearing. Other than that, he’s¬†a really nice guy, I’m pretty sure he’s my age, and he loves¬†working with kids. Oh¬†yeah, and he reminds my of my mom, because he doesn’t¬†quit something just because he failed the first time. This I saw when he tried¬†to climb the hard aisle of¬†the rock wall, and finally made it to the top after about 8-9 failed attempts. Baloo is a very nice talkative 19-year old guy, who also loves kids. He loves to swim, and definitely loves laser tag. I could tell he didn’t like having to skip on playing¬†laser tag because he had to be the counselor waiting for the kids at the starting place, but¬†he¬†had a good attitude. Unfortunately I didn’t get to¬†know any of the female counselors very well, as it always seemed like I had to work when they were doing rock wall or laser tag.

I did however, get closer to one of our female staff, our lifeguard for this week, Lilo. (Think Lilo and Stitch). She is a sweet gal who recently moved from the Philipines, and is both still discovering American culture and growing in her faith. If you could pray for her, that would be great, as she¬†struggles with ¬†random bouts of depression. She (and I) don’t yet know why, and they only seem to last for a¬†few hours.

Unfortunately, I ran into some tension problems with one of the other staff. I had been asking the Lord for help with being patient, and, being the Wise One that He is, He has given me plenty of opportunities to exercise being patient. I thought I had been doing well, and then I missed one day of Bible reading and messed up pretty good by not handling a situation well. I have since apologized and been forgiven, but of course am now dealing with the consequences.

Also during this time, I have developed a cold. It started with a slightly sore throat on Wednesday, grew to a stuffy nose and tiredness yesterday(Thursday) and today is going away, but still have a stuffy nose. Thankfully God has managed to give me a “second wind” during my shifts at work, and I of course had today off, which has helped greatly. As well as this, tomorrow is a light day, where we only feed CL staff, and then Sunday I have the day off as well. Having a cold could not have come at a better time, in my opinion so far. ūüôā God is good, and His timing is perfect.

It has been wonderful to see His timing in hindsight, watching how He led me through certain spiritual subjects and life lessons before working here, and now being able to use what I’ve learned so far to help or advise others here at camp. It is easier here, without distractions, to read my Bible every day, and yet I’ve still missed a few. Those days are actually the days when it is harder for me to treat others well, and how God calls us to treat them. This is an interesting time for me spiritually, and I am truly excited to learn what He has in store for me the rest of the summer.

Now for a confession: I have NO clue what I’ll be doing after August. No clue. At all. And this is both freeing and weighs me down. But somehow, the knowledge of me having no idea what I’ll be doing is helping, I think, to draw me closer to Him, and yes, there’s a wee bit of excitement to see where God is leading me.

This post was a wee bit more personal than the others, but it’s what’s on my heart right now. ūüôā I miss you all, and love you, my precious family, both immediate and Brothers and Sisters In Christ.

Quick prayer request: One of my friend’s younger sisters is going through a tough time right now. This is what my friend posted; PLEASE pray for Katelyn. She went to the clinic and the Dr. there sent her to the ER immediately for further testing. She has high white blood cell count, bladder & kidney infections. Please, share with your friends so as many people as possible can be praying for her. Update from her mother:

Just wanted to put out a quick update because you all have been so awesome with your kind words and offered prayers. It blesses my heart SO much to see you all care enough to take a moment to pray for my children. the body of Christ is a beautiful thing Katelyn is doing SOOO much better. she is perky today, even ate breakfast, finally her fever is down without tylenol and motrin. her meds are working. the hospital called this morning to check on her (totally impressed with Legacy and their ER pediatric staff) and to say that her cultures still haven’t come back so we don’t know any new news on her kidneys, but she LOOKS so much better and is smiley and wants to play that I know she is doing well. and she’s keeping food down. she lost 10% of her body weight in just this short time, we think it may have been festering for a couple of weeks which explains the random fevers. anyways, just wanted to let you know that she is on the mend and to thank you all again for being such beautiful caring friends.

Thanks for reading my post, and for praying for little Katelyn.



Update from July 6th Afternoon to July 8th Evening :)

Photo on 7-8-14 at 4.16 PM #2

Hi Everybody!

Man, I wish I could take good pictures with my laptop! There’s a hummingbird feeder outside the dining hall, and right now there are about four or five birds busily sucking up nectar. ūüôā

July 6th, in the afternoon, Rel, Andrew and I rode up to Buck Creek from Camp Berachah with the group of counselors and rec staff for the week. This week includes Blitz, Sunshine, 2×2, Buster, Lilo, Soundboard, L.T. Grey, Kiki, Soldier, and Krackle. There are 4 girls and 6 guys. Which names are gals? And which are guys? ūüôā It’d be fun to see your guesses! The trip was uneventful. ūüôā

July 6th, after dinner (which I had off), the campers and staff got to take turns playing a round of laser tag. I had fun, but mainly because of the strategy aspect of the game. ūüėČ

July 7th, successfully woke up at 6 and took a shower before heading to get breakfast ready at 7. ¬†After cleaning up, Sierra and I packed the brown lunch bags for the campers and staff who were going on the field trip. Andrew and Sierra were the kitchen staff for lunch, so they went and I stayed. Meaning I had time to relax and catch up on FB and email. I also got to read and almost finish a book I had brought. I helped out with dinner, alongside Andrew. The after-dinner-game for the campers was dodgeball. Andrew got to play, and I got to be a referee, along with Sunshine. The rec staff took turns playing/being in charge of the jails. The counselors and Andrew played every game.¬†Ironic moment of the night was when one round, I called Krackle out for going over the line, he was arguing with me, and 2×2 told him to not argue with the ref. Then came next round when 2×2 crossed the line, I called him out, and he started to argue with me. Krackle couldn‚Äôt stop laughing. ūüėÄ I went to chapel, where the kids are learning about the fruits of the Spirit.

July 8th, yesterday, was fun! I had breakfast off, and took care of somethings after breakfast, including finishing a book. ūüėČ Lunch was quickly taken care off, then off to the duplex for some quick relaxation time! Because of the very warm weather, I changed into shorts and a tank top and headed over to the Longhouse, which is the meeting place for the campers, to help blow up balloons. I only popped one! ūüėÄ Headed up to the lodge to start helping with dinner, which was soft tacos. Yummy! Chapel was good, talking about the fruit Patience, and how patient David was, waiting for his turn as King, and refusing to harm Saul, the Lord’s anointed. After chapel, the rec staff, Andrew, the camp nurse, the speaker, and I headed up to the zip-line. This is like at 9:30 at night, so it’s dusk, and getting darker, and the zip-line is very high up. Everyone had a blast, and those with special harnesses got to flip upside down if they wanted to. (Which they did!) And no, those people did not include me or Andrew! ūüėČ By the time it was my turn, it was dark out, to the point that you could barely see in front of you. It did by no means minimize the height of the starting point, which btw, is called the crow’s nest for a reason! Stepping off that platform was truly a step of faith for me. Haha apparently, the lack of noise coming from me on the ride concerned a couple of the fellow staff down on the ground. They had a flashlight that they pointed on me so they could see me and throw me the rope to pull me to the ladder. Only after I tried to go down the ladder did I realize my right leg was shaking whenever I tried to put weight on it. That went away very quickly. ūüôā Interesting how delayed reactions are when you’re scared, that they seem to happen after the fact.

Well, that is all for now! I’m surprised at the fact that I was able to use the internet this soon, but it was a nice bonus. ūüôā

Ta ta for now, Ellie ‚̧

Day 5- Update from Days 2 – 5

Day 5

¬† ¬† ¬† Scarce internet up here at camp, so probably only going to post every few days. Hopefully at least once a week. ūüôā¬†

   Highlights the last few days: 

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Dinner of steak and corn on the cob, with chocolate pie for dessert, with the other staff, and then my boss and her husband opening their jacuzzi for us kitchen staff to enjoy. And we enjoyed it. ūüėÄ – July 3rd.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 4th of July morning, we got to sleep in, then got ready for feeding lunch to a bunch of day campers who came up for a field trip, then feeding lunch to those day campers, giving us a nice lead-in for this week. In the afternoon after we were done with the kitchen, we went to clean up the Retreat House, (which is really really nice, and has 4 floors; basement, 1st and 2nd floors, and a smaller 3rd/attic floor), then we got to get ready to “down the hill” for the big 4th of July celebration down at the main campus. ūüôā¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†4th of July late afternoon, met up with Cuz Rel, (pronounced are-ee-el ūüėČ ), walked around camp. Andrew enjoyed playing laser tag, and I enjoyed watching him. ūüôā we walked back to Rel, who was at the main office, and then we hung out the rest of the night. Andrew went on the Big Swing, we ate ribs for dinner, with potato salad and chicken. Oh yeah, and cake and punch for dessert/drink. Andrew and I went on the GoKarts, Andrew driving, me holding on for dear life. He wasn’t that bad, Dad, you’re going to have an easy time teaching him to drive. Just maybe coach him on not going faster around curves. ūüėČ ¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†4th of July evening, we watched Rel’s highest boss, the executive director, get dunked oh, about 10-15 times. Some of those kids had really really good arms. Even his mother-in-law participated. ūüôā Rel had to go take care of something camp related real quick, so Andrew and I played tether ball. Surprisingly, that was some good exercise. Then we went back to Rel’s house and played with George. Man I missed that kitty, and it was only 2 days since we had seen him. We stayed in until it was time for the fireworks.¬†

       4th of July night. We found a spot up on the hill at the main camp, where there was a big open space, at one end of the field the fireworks were set up, and at the other end was us, the audience. Music played, fireworks went off in a spectacular fashion, I felt proud to be an American. 

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 5th of July, Rel, Andrew and I went to Walmart and bought time devices. Came home, watched the Lego Movie, ate lunch, went to go see X-Men in theatres with Cuz Katheryn. Came back, ate pizza, and watched the A-Team. ūüôā¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 6th of July, this morning, we three went to church and enjoyed ourselves. Bit of discomfort, it being a new church and all, but still picked some good things out of it. ūüôā¬†

                    Signing off, See ya later, Sayonara! 



So a couple weeks ago, a couple of my closest friends each asked me, on two different days, if I was interested in, or “liked” one of the young men in our church. No reason, one was just curious, and the other had noticed that I was friendly with him, and was curious as well. Both of them thought he and I would be cute together, and wished that we “could happen”.
That’s kind of a hard question to answer. I mean, as a young man, who has the potential to be the future husband to some girl in this church, yes, I’m interested in the husband he could turn out to be. As a young man in the church who is involved with the youth here, then yes, I like him; as a friend would.
I enjoy hearing who my brothers thinks will be my husband, and its interesting to hear who my friends think I’ll end up with, but above it all, I won’t let myself, with God’s help, attach myself (mind-wise) to any particular guy, for these reasons:
1. It would set myself up for heartbreak, if the guy decided to court another gal. (This has happened to me before)
2. It would be hard to not act a certain way towards him, and that in itself might deter him.
3. If I attach myself to him, then I might overlook a guy who IS interested in me.
Sometimes, when someone tells me that they think so and so and I should be a couple, or when someone makes sure to let us gals know that Guy So&So is single, it’s hard for me not to say, “Well then, why don’t you talk to him about me?” It’s not good for the woman to make the first move.
All of this rambling to say: Girls, it is NOT up to you to make the first move, and it is not good to mentally attach yourself to any guy, at least not until an official relationship has formed. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t any good relationships where the woman made the first move, but that should be the exception. And for the very reasons that I have just listed, it isn’t a good idea to pair you and a guy together in your head. It’s just not healthy. Do you agree? Anything you would add? Comment below! ūüôā


Tonight a couple of my friends is getting married. I have had the privilege of seeing their relationship blossom from a good friendship to courtship to engagement and tonight, they will become husband and wife. While this is a wonderful piece of news, I would like to focus on half of a marriage. Proverbs 31 is a mother’s warning and a list of what a wife should be doing. In verse 10, it starts describing what a wife should be.

10 An¬†excellent wife, who can find?¬†For her worth is far¬†above jewels.¬†11¬†The heart of her husband trusts in her,¬†And he will have no lack of gain.¬†12¬†She does him good and not evil¬†All the days of her life.¬†13¬†She looks for wool and flax¬†And works with her¬†hands¬†in delight.¬†14¬†She is like¬†merchant ships;¬†She brings her food from afar.¬†15¬†She¬†rises also while it is still night¬†And¬†gives food to her household¬†And¬†portions to her maidens.¬†16¬†She considers a field and buys it;¬†From¬†her earnings she plants a vineyard.¬†17¬†She¬†girds¬†herself with strength¬†And makes her arms strong.¬†18¬†She senses that her gain is good;¬†Her lamp does not go out at night.¬†19¬†She stretches out her hands to the distaff,¬†And her¬†hands grasp the spindle.¬†20¬†She¬†extends her hand to the poor,¬†And she stretches out her hands to the needy.¬†21¬†She is not afraid of the snow for her household,¬†For all her household are¬†clothed with scarlet.¬†22¬†She makes¬†coverings for herself;¬†Her clothing is¬†fine linen and¬†purple.¬†23¬†Her husband is known¬†in the gates,¬†When he sits among the elders of the land.¬†24¬†She makes¬†linen garments and sells¬†them,¬†And supplies belts to the¬†tradesmen.¬†25¬†Strength and¬†dignity are her clothing,¬†And she smiles at the¬†future.¬†26¬†She¬†opens her mouth in wisdom,¬†And the¬†teaching of kindness is on her tongue.¬†27¬†She looks well to the ways of her household,¬†And does not eat the¬†bread of idleness.¬†28¬†Her children rise up and bless her;¬†Her husband¬†also, and he praises her,¬†saying:¬†29¬†‚ÄúMany daughters have done nobly,¬†But you excel them all.‚Ä̬†30¬†Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,¬†But¬†a woman who¬†fears the¬†Lord, she shall be praised.¬†31¬†Give her the¬†product of her hands,¬†And let her works praise her in the gates.

These are very good qualities to have in oneself, whether single or married. When single, you submit to your folks, and keeping busy with helping around the house, working diligently at work, staying confident in everything, especially one’s faith. One should also learn and strive to become wise, as well as always trying to be kind.

Now, I know that these things are hard to do, and for most, the most difficult things are different for everybody. Some gals might have no problem being kind to those around them, while some may struggle to do so. A few of you might have more hardship being being busy at work than learning wisdom. But no worries. God is forgiving. Maybe focus on one thing at a time, and remember, God is really good at giving us situations where we need to practice what we’ve been learning about.